[ANN] rhminer - an optimized CPU+GPU miner for PascalCoin

Official Release

rhminer is an optimized miner for RandomHash2 POW algo used by PascalCoin

Support Intel/AMD 64 bit CPU.
Support stratum and solo mining
Provide simple api.
Works on Windows 7,10 and Ubuntu 18, MacOS.

Pool vs Solo mining
Since solo mining is 45% faster than pool mining, It is best to mine locally at the moment.
Pool mining is supported but no pool exists as of now.

Tested on
CPU: I3, I5, Core2, Xeon, Athlon


Download Windows binaries on Mega https://mega.nz/#F!cChVXCLK!iEC9n_bugWbL0s7YrojR7A

Version 2.1 - 22 Jan 2020

  • Optimized RandomHash2 with up to 80% more speed. (On some system rhminer 2.1 is up to 250% faster than official miner)
  • Fixed linux binary where main thread was exiting after miner startup.
  • Linux zip files now contain rhminer as an executable and not a simple file.
  • FIxed windows packages and removed extra folders

Version 2.0 - Jan 17 2020

  • Added support for RandomHash2
  • Dropped support for GPU

Version 1.5.3 - Jul 8 2019

  • Added MacOS support and binaries. (Tested on High Sierra and El Capitan)
  • Added internal cpu throttling option to slow down mining.
  • Fixed: Duplicate shares when pool mining.
  • Fixed: EthMan API : sent config.txt was ignored when restarting miner on Linux.

Version 1.5.1 - 14 may 2019

  • Support for CUDA 10.1 with drivers 419.x(Windows) and 418.x(Linux)
  • Added support for Nvidia Turing architecture (GTX 20xx) Untested.
  • Fixed : Cannot Disable gpu mining when using config.txt with gpu binaries.
  • Now you can simply empty the value of “gpu” and “gputhreads” to disable gpu mining on gpu binaries. Ex: “gpu”:"" and “gputhreads”:""
  • Little performance boost on linux binaries (CPU and GPU)
  • Added missing screensaver source files
  • change line ending in many files

Version 1.5 - 2 April 2019

  • Added ETHman and AwesomeMiner support (miner_getstat1, miner_restart, miner_reboot, miner_file, control_gpu)
    It is strongly recommented to NOT put rhminer in a loop in a script if you intend to use EthMan or AwseomeMiner.
    The restart option will close the instance and restart a new one. So if rhminer is in a loop, it will start another new instance every time.
  • Added Pascal Coin ScreenSaver V1.0 - Windows
  • Now starting rhminer without parameters will automatically use config.txt.
  • Added support Maxwell architecture 5.3 (Tegra Tegra (Jetson) TX1 / Tegra X1) on windows
  • Re-added Pascal architecture 6.0 (Quadro GP100, Tesla P100, DGX-1) that was mistakenly removed in 1.4
  • Re-added Pascal architecture 6.2 ( Integrated GPU on the NVIDIA Drive PX2, Tegra (Jetson) TX2) that was mistakenly removed in 1.4

Version 1.4 - 3 march 2019

  • Major gpu optimizations:
    Gtx 1060 3gb 280 threads +196%
    Gtx 1070 8gb 384 threads +218%
    gtx 950 2gb 140 threads +226% [linux]
  • Fix : On linux, rhminer stall for ever when network is lost (cable unplug or switch/router crashes).
  • Fix : On very rare occasions, rhminer would stall at startup.
  • Fix : Opensource pool bug where work-ID stuck to the same ID, creating many invalid shares.
  • Fix : Duplicate/stale shares was high on cpu with with core count.
  • Add -configfile option with a config.xml example
  • Add extra option (+) to -cputhreads to enable mining on more threads that system’s core/hyperthreads count (ex: on a i5 with 4 core -threadcount +7 will mine on 7 threads instead of 4)

Version 1.3 - 11 Jan 2019
*Major CPU optimizations. Up to 260% on some CPU

  • +155% on Xeon E52665
  • +260% on Intel i5 2th gen
  • +195% on Intel i5 4th gen
  • +250% on Intel Core 2
  • New commandline option -sseboost. This option will give up to 10% on some cpu. BUT can also make it slower on other. TEST it before using it, to assert it gives a boost to your cpu.

Version 1.2 - 13 dec 2018

  • Major optimization on cuda miner (+32% on gtx 1070 8gb, +37% on gtx 1060 3gb, +40% on gtx 950)
  • Simple optimization on Linux. Up to 5% depending on the cpu

Version 1.0 - 30 Nov 2018

  • Fixed network error with coinotron and f2pool where miner was in limbo after pool disconnected.
  • Fixed miner not starting on cpu without SSe4.1
  • Fixed error where miners was rejecting shares due to wrong work package data.
  • Fixed ‘Exit on too many rejected shares’ that was not working properly
  • Added SSe detection
  • Fixed connection error when coinotron and f2pool randomly closing socket.
  • Minor memory optimizations

Dev donations:
Default donation is 1%.
Donation is hard-coded in the binaries downloadable on gitgub.
To disable donation download and compile locally, then use the -disabledevfee option.