Dramatic raise of Ethereum

From the last few months we have been seeing a dramatic decline of cryptomarket, fib time zone elaborated the different variants of Ethereum price rise and decline. Currently, it is being traded at $400 which is an indication of bearish trend in the whole trading market. For a realistic point a level of $470 is expected, from which one should expect an attempt to continue the fall and further development of a downward trend with a target near the level of $350.
Since last months, as indicated in the 4h - extended graph. There is a dramatic change, first decline was in the region of $700 but after few days it went back to the $1200 and a huge decline of more than 50% of the amount. Which was a panic for the investors, but still it maintained to get back to cross the neck line and rise of more than 50% happened again.
According to the current situation, we can see the similar patterns happening and showing the same results as it was previously. At this moment, the market values is in the down trend because of certain reasons and high amount of selling also included. People start a panic about it, but wait for a while and think about how it grows from a zero to 1200% profit. Those who are still holding and waiting for the moment to be raised, well just an optimistic view that it will surely touch the raise.
Same goes for other cryptocurrencies, saying that everything will go back to it’s start again, well really not and it will not happen at any cost. People are being realistic at the same time and thinking about their investments, keeping in view that they are the trend setters for this cryptomarket.

CREDITS “CS” on KuCoin shows the stability and attracting the investors day by day. In this downtrend market “CS” is showing a good trade rate and a green signal to come and invest. Many funding organizations are now interested to be a part of CREDITS and secure their investments. In the past days, it shows the up trend and raise to 30% and still at the stability level. After the release of pre-beta version of the platform, CREDITS investors community is now showing more trust and keeping the tokens until the final release in near future.