Found the parallel patterns

Right now, the statements of the cryptocurrency are moving close to the lower trend as shown in the extended chart. A trial of the level of $8250 is normal, from which one ought to anticipate that an endeavor will proceed with the fall and further advancement of the descending pattern with the objective close to the level of $6900. Bitcoin cost is beginning to break support of its symmetrical triangle to flag that a downtrend is in progress. Zooming out to longer-term outlines uncovers that this triangle could be a bearish banner development, which commonly flags continuation. Specialized pointers are demonstrating that bearish force could remain in play for somewhat more. Bitcoin cost is breaking underneath its symmetrical triangle support to flag that a downtrend is going to happen. But wait is it actually going to happen. We have seen parallel ups and downs, and even the double top trend throughout the last two months. The extended graph explains it all, the question raised here is; will it going to change the trend and give a shock?
The Russian Association of Crypto-Currency and Block-Finish (RACIB) and industry relationship in Korea and China are wanting to sue Google, Twitter, Facebook and Yandex for declining to put digital money publicizing, the gatherings expect to record suit in May. Liquidity is relied upon to disperse in the following couple of days as most merchants are out getting a charge out of the Holy Week occasions. This could likewise mean conceivably more unpredictable moves as cost could be more touchy to features and littler positions.

CREDITS (“CS”) on the KuCoin trade, you can see that right when the market for Bitcoin and Ethereum remain on the spot, “CS” took dynamic buys, last day trading went up to 30% and due to this reason many funds get interested to invest in CREDITS for the better security of their money. In this down market trend “CS” tokens still holds the position to be in up trend and shows a green signal to all the investors to buy and invest in it. After the listing of new exchanges it is still getting better day by day and sooner it will give a raise upto 500% when the beta version of the platform will be released.