How do i know which password for which Bitcoin address?

I have 2 bitcoin address and 2 bitcoins address private passwords written on paper, how do i know which password for which address?


There’s something called ‘private key’, and there is something called ‘wallet password’. They are different. I’m not sure which one were you referring to.

Each ‘private key’ maps to a Bitcoin address. Therefore, given a ‘private key’, you’re able to derive its corresponding Bitcoin address.

‘wallet password’ is something different. It is the password that you came up to lock up your Bitcoin wallet from being accessed by people other than yourself. You simply need to remember which password can allow you to sign in which Bitcoin Wallet, similar to the way that you need to remember passwords to sign in your different email clients. Once you’re in your password protected Wallet, you’re free to spend Bitcoin associated with all addresses stored in that wallet.

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